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About the chess book auction

The chess book auctions began in 1975 with the sale of Manhems till then club library. Pretty soon it turned out that there was great interest for a channel to give the old chess books new owners and the premiere was followed by another auction - and more of them ... The initiator was Manhems old workhorse Arne Berggren and Håkan Olsén, who ran the auctions until the year 1980. This year the auction was taken over by Sten Jansson, in whose hands it remained until 1996.

 After a hiatus the tradition was resumed in 2004, directed by Stellan Persson, who still shoulder the responsibility, when the 54:th auction now takes its first steps on the Internet.

About the Manhem Chess Club

The Manhem Chess Club was founded in 1906 by some youngsters in the Gothenburg Haga District. Pretty soon, the association had become one of the city's leading and into the new millennium defends it a place among the nation's premier in several areas. Book auctions has for many years been a major source of funding for other activities.

Manhem as of year 2021:

  • Is one of the nation's premier youth organizations with an extensive outreach in Gothenburg and training activities at the club for children from 6 years up to the elite level.
  • Parks at one of the premier locations in the marathon table for Chess Allsvenskans Elite League, a place that the club has reached with a team of almost exclusively own products.
  • Also spreads knowledge about the game of chess among adults through outreach and through course work, "New in Chess", from where the adults at home players are channeled into the regular club activities.
  • Is a very active club organizer of the annual Chess Week as one session for interested chess players with an emphasis on elite, who have the opportunity for advancement in tournaments from the grand masters to Elo-rated players. Manhem organizes virtually every year one of the national competitions for young people and has a rich variety of local competitions for players of all ages.

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