Skakspilleren Severin From

Olsen, Claus

Publication year: 1998

Skakspilleren Severin From,A small  pamphlet  about  the Inventor

of From´s Gambit, e4, f5. From  lived  between  1828  and  1895

and belonged to those who started Kobenhavns Skakforening 1855.

He was the first chairman. being one of the  strongest  chessplayers

of Denmark, he was invited  to  play in  Paris 1867. He is  probably

the  only   Dane   having   met  Steinitz  in a  tournament  game. He

runned  a  chess  columme  in  the  Illustreret  Tidende 1860. This








pamphlet printed in 1998.                                                            

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