1894 Leipzig


Publication year: 1976

Whyld: 9th Congress of  Deutscher  Schachbund,  64 p,  pp, 153 g.

Nottingham 1982. Annotations by  Dr. S. Tarrasch (1.) and  others.

The  publisher  writes:  "It is evident  that Max Lange (1832-1899)

put in much time, effort and   money to  ensure  the success  of  the

congress, and so  it is perhaps  unfortunate  that  he is  remembered

as the  man who lost the game scores, along with those of  Cologne

1898. The Leipzig scores came into  the   hands  of  Max   Blumich

(1887-1942)  who  intended to publish them,   and it was from  him 

that Heinrich  Wagner (1888-1959) acquired  them.Wagner  copied

them  for  me to  publish, and here they are, for the first time.                       

Caistor 1976  / Ken Whyld.”

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