1914 S:t Petersburg


Publication year: 1924

Watts: The Grand  Int. Masters´ Chess Tournament,  Betts 25-55,

Philadelphia (1924),Original binding, needs repair,75 p 75games,

annotated. When the Compiler of this  book learnt, that  Tarrasch

was writing a tournamentbook, he decided to proceed wi his task,

because of "a totally different scope (judging from  the  elaborate

nature of Dr.Tarrasch`s literary work of the past)"!       1. Lasker,

ahead of Capablanca, Aljechin, Tarrasch and Marshall. It was

11. Participants:Bernstein, Rubinstein, Nimzowitsch, Blackburne,

Janowski and Gunsberg. L/N 5320.                                         rare

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