Kagam´s neueste Schachnachrichten-Complete run

Bernhard Kagan

Publication year: 1932

Bernhard  Kagan was a   veryactive person  with a large print of  chess

Literatur. His   name is  to  find  on  a  lot  of   tournament    books  being

published the  early decades of the 20th  yearhundred and he started 1921

a Chess Magazine in Berlin.This was very important for the development

of the European Chess. It was a hard economic period to a lot of famylies

after the first War. Kagan made a phantastic  work issuing  the  magazine,

regularly but  made also a lot of „extras, sonders and doubles. This  made

large trouble to the customers.Still today it is very difficult to collect  the

Complete run of this Magazine!    It ended   1932 with 4 issues + Index                

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