SCHACK-SM 1939 -1970, 532 p, hc

Persson, Stellan

Publication year: 22017

Swedish chamionships, with a.o. Ståhlberg, Stoltz and

Erik Lundin where before the second war, matches only

The annual champion could accept or turn down opponents.

In 1939 should the championships for the first time select

the champion through a tournament. All levels should play in Alingsås this year.

Because of the Argentina OL in august, was the 5 highest rated plus GM Spielmann,

, playing a double round tournament in Stockholm 18 May. Ståhlberg won.


This tournament forms in general are still used, Unfortunately are very little saved

and archived from these large events.

These championships have had between 400 and 1100 parti-

 cipants  This book has got all results from the louwes to the

highest levels! The general idea with this collection is to save

them to coming generations.


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