Prices given in the catalogue are minimum prices. All bids are to be given in EURO and a bid given is binding. During the auction the following fixed raises are applicable:

  • below 30 € raise 2 €
  • 31 € – 50 € raise 3 €
  • 51 €– 100 € raise 5 €
  • 101 € - 1000 € raise 10 €

By the blow of the hammer the purchaser is obliged to pay an additional commission which is 15 percent of the lot´s total price.

Bidders in writing and via Internet are fully entitled to return items within 8 days to have their complaints considered only within 4 days after the date of the auction.

Information to bidders in writing and Internet

A bid in writing is taken care of in the way most favourable to the purchaser. When there are several bids in writing, we will make a bid being the next to highest one plus the fixed raise mentioned above, on behalf of the purchaser, who has given the highest bid. For instance: Minimum price10 €, bids 13 € and 20 €. Bidding starts from 15 €. Should in the case mentioned only one bid of 20 € exist, bidding starts from the minimum price. We are following the auction at Internet and will make bids with raises of 2 € up to 20 € for the bidder in writing. When there are two or more identical bids in writing, the one firstly arrived will be valid. Successful purchasers will receive an invoice. Pre-payment only, no C.O.D. Currency exchange might follow to SEK, DKK and US $ including eventual bank charges. All bidders may pay in Euro to bank account as par given into the invoice.


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